800W Powerful 3-Speed Sporty Electric Scooter SQ004

800W Powerful 3-Speed Sporty Electric Scooter SQ004

Location: China
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter
Brands: SUQIER
Specification According to customer requirements
Colour: According to customer requirements
Delivery time: Usually shipped 30 days after order confirmation
Precautions: Microwave oven not available
Product Usage Electric scooters,electric motorcycle scooter.
Views: 676
E-mail :suqier@suqier.com

Model SQ004
Battery concept Lead acid battery
Battery capacity 60v20ah
Motor 800w
  Brushless motor
Basic info
Tyres 3.0-10
Brakes Front disc,rear drum
Front/rear shock absorber Hydraulic pressure
Dimension(mm) 1790*670*1090mm

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