Electric Motorcycle Factory Shares Precautions For Using Electric Vehicles


Electric Motorcycle Factory shares the details that mus […]

Electric Motorcycle Factory shares the details that must be paid attention to when choosing a battery car:


1. When people are not sitting on the battery car (especially when holding the handle with both hands), they must always pay attention to the brakes, otherwise it is easy to accidentally touch the throttle because of their right hand, and then the car will fly out.


2. Turning lights and rearview mirrors must be used to ensure your own safety.


3. At the beginning of the ride, start at a low speed, find someone to bring a belt, and then get familiar with it.


4. Don't take it, pay attention to safety.


5. Friends who often walk at night choose a good light.


6. It is not recommended to put the storage basket in the front of the car, and do not put heavy objects in the front storage box, so it is not easy to grasp the direction and cause a safety accident.


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