Electric Bike Manufacturer Shares Where The Frame Numbers Of Electric Bikes Exist


Electric Bike Manufacturer share the frame numbers of e […]

Electric Bike Manufacturer share the frame numbers of electric bikes in the following places:


  1. There is usually a frame number cover above the pedals of electric vehicles: using a screwdriver or even just a key, you can pry off this plastic cover and you can see a series of numbers on the steel frame.
  2. For electric vehicles without a frame number cover, the common situation is that the frame number is on the "rear flat frame" of the electric vehicle. The "rear flat frame" is the bracket on both sides of the rear wheel, usually covered by a plastic motor shield. Use a tool to remove the motor guard and look at both sides of the "rear flat frame" to see if there is a frame number.
  3. If you still can't find the frame number on the "rear flat frame", you can continue to look forward along the frame, the frame number of the electric car may be hit on the crossbeam. The position of the beam is low and you need to lie on the ground when viewing. Normally used electric vehicles are usually covered with mud on the right beam. When looking for the frame number, the owner needs to clean the crossbeam and check it carefully.
  4. After the seat cushion, the position of the discharge bottle can be seen only when the battery is removed.
  5. The position of the faucet tube.

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