Electric Bike Factory Introduces What Are The Causes Of Electric Vehicle Failure


Electric vehicles will encounter various problems in th […]

Electric vehicles will encounter various problems in the process of driving, but they are afraid of being repaired by people. What can I do? In fact, some small problems of electric vehicles can try to determine the cause of the fault by themselves, and solve it if it can be solved. If it can't be solved, it can reduce the possibility of being cheated when going to the car repair. The following is the experience summarized by Electric Bike Factory .


  1. The electric bike suddenly runs out of electricity:

First check whether the power supply is charged. If not, check whether the fuse is good. If the fuse is normal and the power supply is empty, check whether the internal electrode connection of the power supply is loose and the battery is disconnected. Generally, there is no power suddenly, which is basically the reason for the fuse or loose wiring. If the power supply has power, check whether the power cord and power lock are normal.


  1. The vehicle has electricity and the motor does not rotate:

Short-circuit the positive red wire on the controller and the yellow wire on the speed of the handle. If the motor is running normally, the motor and the controller are good. If the motor does not rotate, the motor is bad or the controller is bad. If the motor and the controller are normal, If the motor does not rotate, it may be a problem with the handlebar and brake lever.


  1. The detection method of the charger problem:

Normally, as long as the charger can be charged after being plugged in, it will automatically be deemed to be normal when the lamp is fully changed after it is fully charged. However, if the quality of the charger is unqualified or the charging setting parameters drift after a period of use, the charging may be insufficient or overcharged. When we suspect that the charger has insufficient charging failure, we can use it to charge to the "change light" state, and then use the normal charger to continue charging, if the charging can continue, it can be determined that there is an insufficient charging failure. When we suspect that the charger has an overcharge failure, we can first use the normal charger to charge the "change light" state, then use the charger that may have problems to continue charging, if it can continue to charge for a long time, the charger has overcharge malfunction.


  1. The problem of high power consumption of electric vehicles:

The new battery is not far away. In addition to the suspected quality of the battery and the failure of the charger, the aging of the electric vehicle motor, poor controller matching, and excessive operating resistance of the electric vehicle cause the high power consumption of the electric vehicle. The main reason why electric cars are not far away.


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